Multifunctional Electric Blackhead Remover


Say goodbye to dirty pores and blemishes for good with the help of our Multifunctional Electric Blackhead Remover!

This handheld tool effectively removes oil, impurities, and dust particles in the clogged pores of your skin with powerful suction technology so your skin feels smooth and flawless.

3 different suction heads provide multiple uses like exfoliating skin, removing wrinkles while smoothing out skin, and even removing blackheads and grease so your skin stays perfectly healthy all day long.

With all the amazing benefits of this multifunction blackhead remover, you can transform your complexion overnight and restore the confidence in you like never before!


  • Comes with 3 different suction heads engineered to make your complexion completely radiant
  • USB micro charger also included
  • Silent noise emission makes it therapeutic to use
  • Removes blemishes, blackheads, and clears up your skin beautifully

Experience flawless skin with our Multifunctional Electric Blackhead Remover and order yours online today!

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